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Donald Rysavy

“Everything came through as promised. I thought they did an excellent job. We received pretty much regular updates and the documentation of each step appeared in a timely fashion…”

Robert Howard

“I highly recommend to anyone who is having trouble getting out of their timeshare. You all are a very reputable company, and everything is upfront, you are honest and you take care of everything. Amazing Experience… “

Sally Heitschmidt

“Our maintenance fees were going up about $100 every single year. My husband was very skeptical… We checked through the Better Business Bureau and Everyone’s response was so positive. They promised that they would be quick and they delivered on that… It felt wonderful!… “

I could not be happier. My husband passed away and I no longer use the resorts but was still obligated to pay the fees. Thank you so much for making this process easier for me. This was truly a no stress process and after the proposed timeline was given to me I received regular updates until I really was free! I no longer hear from Silverleaf. What a blessing!!!

Saundra CaseFormer Resort Owner

This entire process was so easy to complete on my end. I have to count my lucky stars my friends were able to find your company and recommend you to me. I would still be paying Maintenance Dues that seemed to go up over night!!! I have all documents relieving me of the resort and my specific property there and I could not be more grateful to be out of this terrible mistake. Thank you!!

Jane L.Former Resort Owner

We were VERY skeptical when we started but your services were EXCELLENT. We did our due diligence at the start and researched reviews about your company- couldn’t find anything bad online. That was a good sign and when we initally reached out for a phone conversation, we felt genuine concern and care from your staff. Thorough explanations and awesome communication throughout. The overall experience was absolutely fantastic; we wouldn’t hesitate to use you again or recommend your services to others!

Peggy ShawFormer Resort Owner

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