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Our top advisors provide a free in-depth review of your timeshare purchase. If accepted as a client, we will guarantee the outcome.

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Getting out of a timeshare has never been easier. With our legally binding and courthouse recorded results, your timeshare transfer is permanent.

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We are so confident in our services, we guarantee the results. If we are not able to quickly and permanently transfer your timeshare, you receive a 100% refund.
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"I could not be happier. My husband passed away and I no longer use the resorts but was still obligated to pay the fees. Thank you so much for making this process easier for me. This was truly a no stress process and after the proposed timeline was given to me I received regular updates until I really was free! I no longer hear from Silverleaf. What a blessing!!!" 
Saundra C
Former Owner Of Silverleaf Resorts Timeshare
"This entire process was so easy to complete on my end. I have to count my lucky stars my friends were able to find your company and recommend you to me. I would still be paying Maintenance Dues that seemed to go up over night!!! I have all documents relieving me of the resort and my specific property there and I could not be more grateful to be out of this terrible mistake. Thank you!!" 
Jane L
Former Owner Of Grandview Timeshare
"We were VERY skeptical when we started but your services were EXCELLENT. We did our due diligence at the start- couldn’t find anything bad online. That was a good sign and when we initially reached out for a phone conversation, we felt genuine concern and care from your staff. The overall experience was absolutely fantastic; we wouldn't hesitate to use you again or recommend your services to others!"  
Peggy S
Former Owner Of Kaanapali Beach Club/ Diamond Resorts Timeshare
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Here at Resort Exit Team we believe that everybody deserves to be free from the financial burdens that come with owning a timeshare.

Our timeshare release team does all the heavy lifting and takes the proper steps to legally and permanently exit your timeshare ownership.
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