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Est. January 22, 2012

Team Mission:

Here at Resort Exit Team we believe that everybody deserves to be free from the financial burdens that come with owning a timeshare. Resorts within the timeshare industry have made it very difficult for the average timeshare owner to get out of a timeshare with out professional assistance. This is where we step in, our timeshare release team does all the heavy lifting and takes the proper steps to legally and permanently exit your timeshare ownership.


We are located in beautiful Rockford Illinois, an ever growing city that we are proud to call home. We may call Rockford home but our services are open to timeshare owners across the country. Whether you own a timeshare in New York or California our services can still apply.

Rockford, IL. Main Office

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At Resort Exit Team the client always comes first.

6785 Weaver Road, Suite 1B  Rockford, IL 61114